Monthly Archives: March 2014

Pet Health and TVT

Sometimes pet health requires that we need to look at conventional medicine to cure the ills of our pets.  This is my beloved pup Sierce ready for some snorkeling.  Today I’m going to share specifically what has occurred this past week with Sierce and the impact that it has not only on me, and Sierce, […]

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Managing Stress Naturally

Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. I’m sure you’ve heard of the fight/flight/freeze response. Those are the three ways our bodies react with stress. Stress can keep you on your toes, sharpens your concentration, and can give you that extra drive, […]

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Upachaya Snorkel Excursions

For those of you looking to visit the island of Roatan, and explore the adventures it has to offer, I want to share with you one family’s experience. I send a huge thank you to John & Rebekah Warner for this beautiful video they created about their Roatan experience and their visit to Upachaya for […]

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