Monthly Archives: July 2016

Dowsing E-Book

Intro to Dowsing E-book I’ve been dowsing for a number of years now, but just recently began to dig deeper into the technology of dowsing and learn what this was all about.  As a result I felt compelled to write a dowsing e-book to introduce others to the wonderment, and power of these tools. I […]

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NEW Upachaya Recipe Book Now Available

Upachaya Recipe Book Now Available After repeated requests from guests of Upachaya as well as friends, I decided to update my Upachaya Recipe book with all sorts of new and delectable recipes. Here at Upachaya whether you are coming for a water excursion from other resorts, or the cruise ships, or staying here at Upachaya […]

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Dayry’s Latest Sewing Projects

Dayry’s Sewing Projects Catching Up So much has happened at Upachaya the past few months, and I’ve been neglectful in posting Dayry’s sewing projects. Dayry continues to be an excellent sewing student, and she loves the result of getting new dresses out of this deal. A huge thank you goes out to a guest of […]

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