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Getting to the Island

UnitedDelta, and American, Airlines fly directly from the U.S. to Roatan. The Roatan ferry also runs twice daily from the island to the city of La Ceiba on the Honduras mainland.


Visa and Passport Requirements

To enter Honduras all travelers are required to have a valid passport for at least 6-months from the date of entry. A visa is not required, but tourists must provide evidence of return or onward travel after their Roatan vacation. Travelers are encouraged to carry a photocopy of their passports with them at all times, so that if questioned by local officials proof of identity is readily available. When leaving Honduras there is an exit tax but should all ready be included in your airline ticket.



The national language is Spanish, however English is the predominant language of Roatan.



The currency of Honduras is the Lempira.  For the most current exchange rate, click here.  U.S. dollars are accepted at nearly all locations on Roatan. There are ATM machines in French Harbor, Coxen Hole, West End, and West Bay. Credit cards are accepted at many places, however there is usually a service fee, and it is best if you plan to pay in cash. When bringing money to the island it is advisable to bring newer bills without rips, tears, or markings on them.  Travelers checks are not readily accepted.



Roatan’s weather is very tropical consisting of many sunny days, warm temperatures, and cool breezes. The rainy season typically begins toward the end of October and runs through the beginning of January offering some relief from the heat, which can be very refreshing. For more details on Roatan’s weather throughout the year including average temperature, sunshine and rainfall click here.


What to Bring

The dress is casual on Roatan. Typical attire includes bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sundresses, and sunglasses.  You may want to bring a lightweight long-sleeved shirt and pants as protection from the intense sun, and during the rainy months, a light sweater, or jacket is also beneficial.  For footwear, we recommend water socks, sandals, or flip flops for your Roatan vacation.

Electricity and Internet Access

Roatan has 110-volt electricity, so a converter is not needed for U.S. appliances.  Upachaya also offers free Wi-Fi for your convenience.


All tap water at Upachaya is well water, and safe for drinking. We also offer bottled water in refillable containers.



Free transportation is provided from either the airport or the Roatan ferry for guests spending 3 nights or more.  For guests staying less than 3 nights we can make arrangements for your transportation to Upachaya as well for an additional fee.

Upachaya to West End*

  • 1 -3 people $25.00
  • 4 or more people $8.00 per person

Upachaya to West Bay*

  • 1 – 3 people $30.00
  • 4 or more people $12.00 per person

Upachaya to Coxen Hole*

  • 1 – 3 people $20.00
  • 4 or more people $5.00 per person

*prices reflect round trip transfers


Roatan is safe for visitors. However, take normal precautions when walking at night or walking in remote areas.


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