One Day Detox and Body Cleanse

Raw Foods

Springtime has sprung and there is no better time to cleanse your body, boost your immune system, and get you back on a path of optimum health. Just as the seasons change and nature begins to awaken from the Winter slumber, so too is your body.

This forum provides you the opportunity to learn how you can take control of healing yourself through detoxifying your body, cleansing it from toxins, and introduce you to a nutritional approach to keep your body on the path of wellness.

We will begin our day with a healthy green smoothie along with a shot of spirulina which helps to cleanse the body in a natural, non-invasive manner. In addition, we will share with you information on local fruits and vegetables that will help you to cleanse, detox, and strengthen your body.

There will be two workshops. The first will focus on juicing. This workshop will benefit beginners as well as seasoned juicers, reviewing the tremendous gains our body enjoys through juicing. You will have a selection of vegetables from which to choose to make your own juice.

Our second workshop will discuss the reasons why we should detoxify our bodies, the symptoms that indicate why we should detoxify, and once again the benefits our body receives from a regular process of cleansing. You will receive a booklet with a few “recipes” for cleansing the body that can be implemented on your own at a time that works well for you.

We will wrap up our afternoon with a YIN yoga class and meditation designed to focus on our parasympathetic nervous system which is our “rest and digest” system. This class provides excellent stretching, and strengthening of ligaments, fascia, and bones. It is the perfect class for ending a day on cleansing.

After our session you are invited to relax around the pool and enjoy the solitude and rejuvenation of Upachaya. Light healthy snacks will be available for purchase along with beverages after the workshops.

This event is scheduled for March 29, 2014 beginning at 11:00 A.M., ending around 3:30 P.M.
Fee for this forum is $75.00. A $25.00 deposit is required to reserve your space. For more information and to book your reservation contact Barbara Wastart at 3309-7615, or send me an email at