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Candles for Spa Day

Relax its Spa Day

It’s SPA Day

Upachaya Eco-Lodge and Wellness Resort is hosting a SPA Day on July 28, 2017.  Come and take some time for yourself, focusing only on you.

Spend a day languishing around the pool, relax amongst friends, enjoy the sites of the gardens, and submit to luxurious spa treatments from a variety of Body and Energy Practitioners.
We will offer an optional Kundalini Yoga class beginning at 9:00, along with body treatments offered throughout the day by appointment. When not having a treatment, enjoy the pool and partake in the camaraderie of the group. Lunch will be served pool side.
Your fee of $65.00 / Lps 1520, will include Kundalini Yoga, Two 30-minute spa treatments, a lite lunch served around the pool, unlimited tea, and juices throughout the day, and use of the Upachaya pool.  You can combine your two 30-minute sessions and have 1 one hour treatment if you desire.
Additional spa treatments can be purchased separately as well as other beverages, sodas, wine, beer, and frozen drinks.
You must call ahead to make reservations for your appointments. Appointments will begin at 9:00 until 3:00.  You can contact Barb at 3309-7615, or PM on FB, or email at All Practitioners will have a maximum of 5 one hour sessions, or 10 half hour sessions available for appointments. So it is important to get on the list as quickly as possible, if there is something specific you seek.

Martina Stanclova: Martina is a certified massage therapist, having recieved her certification in Prague, Czech Republic. She has been practising massages for the last 2 years, focusing on holistic treatment, and working with crystals for 4 years. Martina offers relaxing massages such as bamboo, hot stones, cupping, indian head massage, thai feet massage, aromatherapy, 5 element ritual, body, feet and ears acupressure with crystals and also deep tissue, Thai massage and abdominal massage, which are new on Roatan. She works all over the island making home visits designed to make you feel tranquil and healed.  

Martina Stanclova

Martina Stanclova

On Spa Day, Martina will be offering a 30 minute Indian Head massage; Thai Feet massage, or Bamboo massage. If you desire a 60 minute treatment she will offer a Bamboo massage, or a Hot Stone massage. You can also add cupping, and Thai massage to each of the 60 minute sessions. For all of her treatments you can add acupressure with crystals.

Megan Lefler

Megan Lefler

Megan Lefler: Megan’s lifelong interest in the psychology of happiness has lead her to the path of energy medicine. Megan has graduate education in Holistic Health Studies, a Life Coaching Certification along with Reiki, Pranic healing and yoga. Megan has dedicated her life to the embodiment of a teacher and healer. Psychic and intuitive development along with assistance from her Divine support team enables her to hold sacred space as a channel for healing and empowerment.

Megan will be offering 30 minute sessions on “Soul Integration”. This is a way to bring back your bright flame that may have dwindled due to painful experences in your life. This ancient process allows for you to reconnect with your unique gifts, shining forth in your life with a newfound confidence and sense of self. Megan incorporates various energy techniques, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, and more, to realign the body, mind, and soul and bring forth intuitive guidance.

Nashwa Odeh-Nasrala

Nashwa Odeh-Nasrala

Lisa Nashwa Odeh-Nasrala Diaz is a certified psychologist, reiki master, massage therapist, medicine woman and bellydance instructor. She is a holistic medicine practitioner since 2010 offering shamanic thai massage, reiki/sound healing therapy, psychotherapy integrating plant medicine healing, chakra alignment with crystals and facilitating women circles. The philosophy of her practice resides in the pursuit of wellness as a sacred journey that reveals the healer within. Her mission is to empower people to help themselves so they can discover their capacity for growth and development.
Nashwa will be offering 30 minute Shamanic Bodywork with Thai massage. She will also ofer a 30 minute Reiki therapy with sound healing. Also available from Nashwa will be a 60 minute intervention/counseling session.
Michele Rauter: Born and raised in North Vancouver, Canada. Michele grew up a multi sport athlete, attending the University of Wyoming on a full-ride Volleyball scholarship and went on to play Professionally around Europe for several years. Along her 16 years of studies and travels through the athletic world, she has gained titles such as Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Active Release Techniques Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Aqua Kriya Yoga Instructor, and Yin Yoga Instructor.

Michele Rauter with Bird

Michele Rauter

Michele will be offering a 60 minute Cranial Sacral Therapy.  This is a form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, shoulders, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas, which alleviates stress and pain.   She will also offer a 60 minute Lymphatic Drainage Therapy .  This is a highly specialized and gentle massage technique used to increase lymph flow and encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the body tissues.

Michele’s 30 minute treatments will include, Cupping Therapy – an ancient form of alternative medicine practiced by the Chinese and Egyptians many years ago. It is becoming a common practice once again, proven as a very affective therapeutic method.   Also offered will be Reflexology – a system of massage involving application of specific techniques to predefined pressure points that are located on the feet, hands and head. Originating from China and Egypt, it is used as an alternative medicine to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points in these areas linked to every part of the human body.  Michele will also be offering a 30 minute therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, a Taoist system of abdominal massage that focuses on the navel center of the body. It is thought that the navel center is the primary area where imbalances occur.
To schedule an appointment, reserve your space, or more information, please contact Barbara Wastart at 3309-7615, PM at Upachaya FB, or email