Angiogenesis – A new medicine

Angiogenesis…What is it? It is a physiological process that occurs naturally in the body, involving the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels.

Why is this news? Angiogenesis is a normal and vital process in the growth and development of would healing. It is also a fundamental step in the transition of tumors from a dormant state to a malignant one.

Join me May 18th, at 8:00 A.M., CST on my radio show, Holistic Living w/Barb, live streaming on, or tune in to 101.1 FM The Bay Island Buzz. I will be sharing more details on angiogenesis, and how it may aid in the cure of cancer.

Here are two excellent links for you to also find additional information. The first link is a YouTube video of Dr. William Li as he explains angiogenesis, the medical findings, and then ending with the enlightening information on how we can naturally control angiogenesis through diet.

The second link, is the website of the Angiogenesis Foundation co-founded by Dr. Li. You will find a wealth of information on this site alerting you to how you can change your diet to affect natural angiogenesis in the body, as well as additional resources including those using angiogenesis for chronic wounds to speed healing, and possibly prevent unnecessary amputations.