Chakra Balancing Workshop

Learning to balance your chakras

Balancing Your Chakras

Chakra Balancing Workshop a Success!

This past weekend we had a chakra balancing workshop here at Upachaya Eco-Lodge and Wellness Resort.  It was well attended and encompassed eight hours of multi-media instruction.

The purpose of this workshop was to help educate participants on the the chakra system.  We covered basics of the chakras, such as where they are located; their names; the bodily systems, and organs they govern; their colors; and much more.  We also covered ways in which we can assess our chakras to determine whether they are in balance, if they are deficient, or over active.  We used pendulums, kinesiology, and a lengthy questionnaire as three ways of assessment.

This workshop consisted of lecture, guided meditation, yoga, and tapping into our creative drawing abilities.  Fun was had by all, and by the end of the second day a feeling of accomplishment was achieved by all participants based on comments after the event.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge that I’ve gained over the years to help open the minds of others and help them realize the power they have within to heal themselves.  Chakra balancing is one way to do this and is very important to insuring we maintain a path of optimum health.

Based on the success of this workshop, stay tuned to my website and my Upachaya Facebook Page for an advanced class on Chakra Balancing.

Other classes coming soon include: One Day Detox and Cleanse; Honor Your Inner Elder (Embracing Age); Advanced Chakra Balancing; MAP – Medical Assistance Program Tapping into your Spirit Team; and Tune into your Intuitive Self to Unleash your Creative Potential.

For questions, or more information contact Barbara at, or call 011-504-3309-7615.