Dayry Learning to Sew

Learning to Sew

Having skills to progress in this world is very important.  Learning them at a young age can prepare you for growth and betterment for the future.

In a previous blog article I shared the first steps in teaching Dayry to sew.  Dayry is my Caretaker Victor’s, oldest daughter.  She is 8 soon to be 9.  Dayry was 3 when  her father first came to work for me here at Upachaya, and this young girl has grown close to my heart.

In the early ages she demonstrated a true desire to learn whatever she could.  She would often come to my room at Upachaya and the two of us would spend hours with activity books helping her learn her alphabet, numbers, shapes, and so much more.  She quickly learned a bit of English and we both looked forward to spending the time together.  Me teaching her, and she teaching me Spanish, amongst other skills.

Dayry has become like a surrogate granddaughter to me.  I have great affection for this young lady and it has been a real pleasure watching her grow.

Recently I asked her if she would be interested in learning how to use my sewing machine.  Eight years of age is not too young to learn.  I myself was on my Mother’s sewing machine at this age and felt I could do the same for Dayry.

I explained to her Father that I was going to teach her and at first Victor was apprehensive.  He thought it might be dangerous, but I assured him there was little chance of her becoming injured.  As she has progressed in her skills, I can see the pride in her Father’s face for what she is accomplishing.  In fact, he recently asked me what the cost of a sewing machine would be thinking in a few years he might purchase one for his daughter.

The latest project that Dayry created is this beautiful little frock.  I wish I had access to these fun materials and patterns here on the island.  Unfortunately that is not the case, so we’ll just have to wait until I return to the states to purchase more material.  But in the meantime, as you can see, she did a fine job.

Concentration on the sewing machine.

Concentration on the sewing machine.

Dayry's latest project.

Dayry’s latest project.

I’m so proud of this young girl and her desire to learn. I’m sure she will make a difference in this world, bettering herself and those around her.

By the way, she wore her dress three days in a row after completing it.