Dayry’s Latest Sewing Projects

Dayry's sewing project a purple dress

Dayry’s new Purple dress

Dayry’s Sewing Projects

Catching Up

So much has happened at Upachaya the past few months, and I’ve been neglectful in posting Dayry’s sewing projects. Dayry continues to be an excellent sewing student, and she loves the result of getting new dresses out of this deal.

A huge thank you goes out to a guest of Upachaya Eco-Lodge & Wellness Resort, Amy who visited us back in April. After seeing my blog posts on teaching Dayry how to sew, she offered to bring some material and patterns down when she came to stay. Dayry has been having an absolute time of her life with the new materials and patterns bestowed upon her by this guest.

The new patterns are a bit more challenging which is good, because they are teaching new skills to Dayry. Skills such as gathering, and topstitching. Things that sound minor to many of those of us that sew, but are major skills to attain when you are a 9 year old.

Dayry is now beginning to cut out the patterns as well. This will continue to be a process, as Dayry speaks little English, and I speak little Spanish, but between the two of us we are managing and she is catching on quite well. In addition to cutting out the patterns and learning all the nuances with cutting those patterns, I’ve begun to have her read  the pattern instructions along the way as well.  Fortunately the patterns are written in both English and Spanish, so this not only helps Dayry increase her Spanish vocabulary, but again is teaching her how to interpret the patterns while learning how to sew the dresses as well.

The purple dress in the picture above was completed in June.  This blue dress she completed in May.  Typically when she starts a project she want to do the entire project in one day.  But finding an uninterrupted 5 – 6 hours can be difficult when operating a business as well.  So usually her projects are spread out over the course of a few days.  I know she finds this frustrating at times, but with this process she is also learning patience as well.

Dayry's Sewing Project a new Blue Dress

Dayry’s May Project

She is very focused and does an amazing job concentrating for a young child of 9, when on the sewing machine. Which is obviously very important and key to insure the job is done correctly.

Dayry sewing project - her blue dress.

Dayry’s studies and focused.

She still likes to speed things up a bit, but she is learning that consistency is best rather than speed. This last project she learned the process of having to rip out a seam and re-do. Something we that sew have all had to do at one time or another.

Today, again she stopped by and asked when we can start the next project.  Guests are here at Upachaya so my time is focused on them, but I foresee Dayry wearing another new dress within the next couple of weeks.

I think I’m enjoying sharing the knowledge and teaching the skills as much as she is learning them.  I know Daddy is quite proud of her accomplishments as well.  When I first set out to teach Dayry how to sew, her Daddy told me it was very dangerous.  But he has now been down to see her sewing, and recently asked me how much a sewing machine costs.  He tells me he is excited about her learning these skills which may help her in her future.  He is all ready envisioning Dayry having her own sewing business.  I love to see enthusiasm like this and the support he gives his children.  Who knows, maybe Daddy is right and in another 10 years, she may have her own shop!