Dowsing E-Book

Dowsing with L-Rods

Dowsing with L-Rods

Intro to Dowsing E-book

I’ve been dowsing for a number of years now, but just recently began to dig deeper into the technology of dowsing and learn what this was all about.  As a result I felt compelled to write a dowsing e-book to introduce others to the wonderment, and power of these tools.

I first was introduced to dowsing back as a child in school.  Someone told us that if you had a pencil on a string and held it over your wrist you could ask all sorts of yes/no questions that would be answered.  Of course we all believed this was simply a game and never understood the power that was in our hands.

In the dowsing e-book I’ve written I explore all the various tools used for dowsing: pendulum; L-rods; Y-rods; and the bobber.  I share a bit about the history of dowsing taking you back to almost 8,000 years ago.  I also share specific ideas and techniques of using the tools to connect with your deeper consciousness to unlock the answers to many questions you may have.

This dowsing e-book is now available for purchase off my website, for $5.00.  Simply send me an e-mail requesting your copy of the book, and I will send you an invoice for the fee.  Once I receive payment I will send the e-book directly to your e-mail.  Payment can be made via credit card, or simply by sending money via PayPal.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the material, please do not hesitate to ask those questions of me via my e-mail address at  In the subject line of your e-mail enter “Dowsing E-book Question”, and I will respond as quickly as possible.