Feng Shui – Shifting your stuff and your Life

Feng Shui is an art and science that has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years. Feng Shui is the science of understanding how Chi, or Qi moves about our environment, our home, our lives, and how we can move, and adjust our environment to take the utmost advantage of that Chi to benefit our life.

Today, on my radio show, Holistic Living w/Barb on 101.1 FM, Roatan Radio, we talked about Feng Shui, and specifically how we could shift “stuff” in our homes to help shift the energy and positively impact our lives.

The first thing to understand is that our homes are divided into a grid of 9 squares representing various categories within our lives. In matters not on the size of your living space. When looking at your home imagine a giant grid placed over it as depicted below to help you understand which category is located where within your home.


Credit for this grid goes to liulifengshui blogspot.

This grid not only helps us understand where each of the life categories fit in our home environment, but it also indicates the colors best used in these areas, as well as the elements associated, and the number.

I’m going to touch on each of these categories very briefly and share what it covers, along with some tips on what you can do to enhance the Chi in this area. For more information you can google Feng Shui and find a host of websites that will provide many more details. I also highly recommend a book by Karen Rauch Carter, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. This book is well written in layman’s terms providing a good foundation that will help you get that Chi moving fluidly throughout your home. She also has an excellent blog focused on Feng Shui you may find very helpful.

Prosperity – This section relates to your wealth. Having money for good things in life, not necessities. This is considered the power corner of your home, because power can get you what you want. Keep this section of your home very clean. Remove anything that may be broken. Add enhancements as necessary, i.e. colors, sounds, etc.

Fame & Reputation – Supports you as a person in the big world. It deals with how you are perceived by others, which makes a diffeence with concerns on how and where money & relationships come to you. Move any water that is moveable. Load up on the color red in this area. Red means fire and that is the element associated with this area. Add plants, stained glass, items that represent fire.

Relationships & Love – If you are looking to make an existing relationship better, or simply looking for a good time, it is essential this part of the home be balanced so there can be harmony in relationships of all kinds. Remove anything in this area that is dead, or withering (plants). Add mirrors, particularly those in the shape of circles in this area to bounce the Chi all around. Add plants, the color pink, and red. Remove frigid stuff such as freezers and air conditioners, and games.

Creativity and Children – This area of the home has to do with thinking creatively. Also associated with children, all children not just your own. To enhance the Chi in this area unblock anything that feels blocked, or is literally blocked. This is the best place of the house to be watching Saturday morning cartoons. This should also be the toys and games room, or arts room. Music is great to have in this area. Things to avoid are candles in this area and anything colored red.

Helpful People and Travel – This part of the home is set aside for calling upon someone who makes your life easier. This area is also about being treated fairly and honestly. Create a place to house your requests for helpful people. Symbols of helpful people placed in this area will enhance the Chi. The color gray is the best color for this area. Water is the symbol of spirit which can also be very helpful. You want to make sure you eliminate all junk in this area, keep it free from dirt and dust, as well as free from reminders of broken times or bad times.

Career & Life Path – This area is linked to what you are suppose to be doing in this lifetime. When you adjust the Chi here it may help you secure a new job, a better job, have business pick up, or help you figure out what you truly want to do with your life. Things that may enhance the Chi are water, like an aquarium, even symbolic water like a snowy scene in a picture. Black is the best color for this section as it represents water. Things to avoid are once again dirt, squares, and earth tone items.

Skills and Knowledge – This area governs how you learn, store and use knowledge. By improving Chi in this section it may open the door to attract opportunities, situations, and people to help in all areas of your life. Blue is the predominant color for this area as well as having books as they represent knowledge. To insure that Chi improves, eliminate clutter from this area as clutter in your home can also clutter your mind. Also eliminate things that can stop your thought process such as alcohol, drugs, and poisons of any kind to your body. Be sure they are not housed in this area.

Family – When you enhance this section of your home you may feel more secure in all areas of your life. It may also have an impact improving your sex life, and build stronger foundations within you so you can meet life’s challenges with more confidence and less stress. If you add green stuff and wood to this area of the home including plants they will provide much better Chi. On the other hand you want to remove any white stuff in this area as well as metal.

Health & Other – This section of the house is smack dab in the middle of the grid. It touches all other categories. As the saying goes, if you don’t have your health….. When you enhance the Chi in this section of your house it will lead to a more optimal health, a sense of balance in your life. Earth tones, yellows and gold are good colors for this section of the home and anything made of earth, like clay pots, china, ceramics, etc. Things to avoid are spiral staircases, wood, and rectangular shaped objects.

There is so much more to this science that can only be gained by deep study. As mentioned you can find much more on the internet by Googling Feng Shui. Also please be sure to check out Karen’s book mentioned above.

Please join me next Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M., CST on 101.1 FM The Bay Islands Buzz, or live stream on Roatanradio.com for my show Holistic Living w/Barb. Next week’s topic…..Hemp and all its Uses.