SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

SUP Yoga

(Stand Up Paddleboard)

SUP Yoga, also called Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga has been a hot trend for the past few years.  This is an excellent way to commune with nature and deepen your yoga practice.

We all know yoga reduces stress, strengthens, tones, and stretches the body.  Add that with the natural elements of sunshine, water, and fresh air, and the benefits you receive from this practice increase exponentially.

There are many benefits you will experience with SUP Yoga. First and foremost by using a paddleboard as your yoga platform, it will get you outdoors and allow you to soak up some Vitamin D.  Of course you should be thinking of using some sort of sun screen, or wear a water shirt of some sort that will protect you from harmful rays.

SUP Yoga provides a tremendous core workout in part due to the instability of the platform.  It will encourage better balance, and requires the use of  your entire midsection to keep you balanced and afloat.  Utilizing a paddle board for yoga will make you work harder and require more focus.

SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard Warrior

You will need to be more in tune with your poses, and it is important that you balance yourself evenly on the board.  If you are doing for instance a triangle pose and you are not centered on the board, it may cause difficulty.

SUP Yoga will give you a sensation of floating on water.  It is the closest you will get to walking on water, and now is the time to enjoy the serenity of your surrounding area.  The ocean sounds help us relax, and can enhance your focus on your breath.

Paddleboard Yoga provides you a whole different perspective, both of the water and the horizon.  You gain a feeling of complete rejuvenation, and empowerment.  Besides it is just plain fun.  It can reduce the boredom if you’ve fallen into a rut of the same poses, or same routine.  It breaks you out, moves you from your comfort zone, and will get the adrenaline pumping.

You may fall, but SUP Yoga will teach you to get right back up and continue onward.  Falling isn’t such a bad thing anyway, since you are falling into water and less likely to injure yourself.  Once you let go of the negatives of falling, you free yourself to enjoy the practice and stretch yourself further.  This is a great life lesson as well….fall, get back up, and move on.

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

When the board is your mat, there is less room for error.  However, that doesn’t mean you need to be an advanced yogi to appreciate or enjoy this practice.  On the contrary, beginners will receive as much benefit as more advanced students when practicing SUP Yoga.

The connection you feel, body, mind, spirit, and nature will leave you feeling amazing.

If you are interested in giving this a go, join us for the next Yogatan Festival, January 8, 2017 at Upachaya Eco-Lodge & Wellness Resort.  Christine Etches will be teaching this class in the bay.  Or, simply schedule a time to visit Upachaya and rent a paddleboard to give it a go on your own.