Synch-up with Nature’s Cycles

Are You in Synch with Nature’s Cycles?

As we’ve evolved as a species, we’ve moved away from paying attention to the rhythms of Mother Nature. When our cycles don’t “jive” with Mother Nature, our lives become disharmonious. This can bring on cycles of depression, addiction, physical diseases, etc. It can also produce unhealthy relationships, broken families, social unrest, even war, and economic collapse.

We should all strive to live a balanced life with attention equally focused inwardly as well as outwardly.

People that are in tune with the circadian rhythms of nature experience:
1) Waking up spontaneously at dawn without an alarm clock no matter what time you fell asleep.
2) Typically eat a large substantial, nutritious breakfast.
3) Desire to exercise early in the day. When exercise isn’t a part of the day they may be jittery and hyper.
4) You will have energy throughout the day without fatigue, drowsiness, or irritability.
5) At lunchtime you will experience a good strong appetite, however you could skip lunch without any impact on your body.
6) You will experience a decrease in appetite as the day progresses.
7) There will be no cravings or hunger after eating a normal sized dinner.
8) By early evening, you will become sleepy, but not exhausted.
9) There will be no trouble falling asleep, and no nighttime hunger or cravings.
10) You will sleep soundly without hunger, no waking in the night, and no need to urinate during the night.

To reset your circadian rhythms and attune to Mother Nature:
1) Establish a regular bed time.
2) Eat almost all of your calories within 8 hours of waking up.
3) Stagger exercise toward morning hours versus evening hours.
4) Don’t watch too much late night TV, drink too much alcohol in evening, or stuff yourself with a dessert after a full evening meal.

For more information on how you can live a more harmonious life, check out “Moon Time – The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles” written by Johanna Paungger, and Thomas Poppe.

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