Vaccinations – Should they be Mandatory?

Shouldn’t you have the right to choose whether you want yourself, or your children to get vaccinated? Not according to the State Legislature in all 50 states. They make it mandatory for your children to have vaccinations prior to entering school. However, most states do provide exceptions to the rule. Before you make a decision to invoke those exceptions, do your homework. Research both sides of the issue, pros and cons to vaccinations and then decide which route you want to take.

History shows us that contrary to popular belief, vaccines DID NOT eradicate the diseases that plagued society. The fact is that better sanitation, personal hygiene, and access to clean water had more to do with the elimination of disease. Click Here where you will find a number of charts depicting the history of vaccines. Information compiled for these charts are from a number of official sites.

So let me just provide you a sampling of my questions as they relate to vaccinations. In the most recent years, the HPV (Human Papiloma Virus) vaccine has been recommended for young girls 9 – 11. The claim is this virus has the potential of causing cervical cancer when the child grows to woman hood 20 – 40 years down the road. The truth is the HPV vaccine does not cover all strains of HPV and furthermore, the FDA in 2003 states that HPV infections are not associated with cancer. So why are they pushing to make this mandatory in some states? Where is the logic? In fact, they are also suggesting that young boys also get the vaccine claiming if they have oral sex with someone that has HPV they too can get cancer. Really? HPV is supposedly causing cervical cancer. How does this anatomically correlate with boys?

Now take a look at Hepatitis B. This disease can cause inflammation of the liver leading to cirrhosis of the liver, or cancer. The World Health Organization recommends that Hepatitis B vaccination be a part of universal childhood vaccination programs. Really? Hepatitis B is a blood-borne disease and is primarily spread by sexual intercourse and intravenous drug use. Children are not at great risk of contracting this disease. Is this really necessary? Or, is this another means of Big Pharma putting fear into the minds of many and selling something else that benefits their bottom line?

One of the many problems with childhood vaccinations is they are provided at such a young age that the little bodies haven’t even had a chance to fully develop their nervous systems before they are bombarded with extraneous inoculations. If you choose to move forward with vaccinating your children, consider these precautions:
1) Work with your health provider to insure that you are boosting the child’s immune system 2 months prior to any inoculations, and 2 months after.
2) Ask for inoculations to be single vaccines with no preservatives. When you provide multiple vaccines, i.e. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), or DPT (Diphtheria, Pertusses, Tetanus) the body has a more difficult time. Furthermore, the FDA has never tested all of these vaccines being given at one time.
3) Wait until age 3 or 4 before vaccinating if possible.

If you want to bypass vaccines all together, and for more details regarding vaccines, visit Dr. Mercola’s website here.

Thank you for doing your homework, and making informed decisions on vaccines for you and your children.