Aqua Yoga at the Grand Roatan


Aqua Yoga Starting October 5, 2013

Barbara Wastart, owner/operator of Upachaya, will begin offering Aqua Yoga classes at the Grand Roatan pool on West Bay beach beginning this Saturday, October 5. Classes will begin precisely at 9:30 A.M., so please plan on arriving a few minutes prior to start time. Fee for classes is $10.00.

These classes are designed for beginners as well as advanced students of yoga. You may experience many benefits from participating in aqua yoga: (benefits courtesy of
* You may gain added balance that you may not have when performing yoga on land.
* Aqua yoga enables those who may be limited by weight issues or injury to practice yoga.
* Water acts as resistance against the body which adds an additional strength training component to build muscle.
* Aqua yoga is low impact which minimizes stress that regular yoga or exercise can place on the body.
* Anyone can perform aqua yoga whether they are beginning or more advanced in their physical abilities.
* If you are experiencing muscle aches or stiffness, the water can loosen you up.

Barbara is a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance and IKYTA, and Aqua Yoga certified instructor through White Crow Yoga.