Energy Vortex at Upachaya


Last month, I was asked to teach yoga at a women’s retreat in Mt. Shasta, California, which in itself was an incredible treat for me. During the retreat we had the opportunity to meet Ashalyn and have her take us on two guided meditations in energy vortexes on the mountain. Ashalyn was amazing, and she had me go deep into my meditation. It was very powerful, providing me insights into Upachaya that had not been provided to me previously through any means.

Asalyn used divining rods, otherwise known as dowsing rods, to find the energy vortexes on the mountain and when I queried her about the process she gave me instructions on how to do the same here on Roatan. Coupled with my own meditations, I felt compelled to begin the search. I created my own divining rods, “programmed” them and began my search this past Saturday.

I have felt an incredible energy amongst a grove of trees in the South Eastern most point of Upachaya since the very beginning of owning this beautiful piece of land. The divining rods affirmed my belief. Wanting more irrefutable evidence, I introduced a young woman visiting Upachaya to the use of the divining rods. I then asked her if she could find the energy vortex here at Upachaya using the rods. To my utter joy, and again affirmation, she too found the energy vortex in the exact space where I had affirmed it this past Saturday.

Knowing this powerful energy vortex resides here at Upachaya, we will begin to offer guided meditations in this space. Stay tuned as you will begin to see them offered periodically posted as events on our website or included as part of our retreat offerings. I have also begun to explore our beautiful island for other energy vortexes suitable for guided meditations and will include those in the future as discoveries are made.

This is very exciting to me as I’ve known from the beginning that Roatan is a very special island and harbors tremendous positive energy. It is the ideal place for those that want to re-charge themselves, to rejuvenate their spirit, and bring their soul to relaxation. Now it is also a place for you to touch spirit through guided meditation, and seek answers you may have not otherwise found.

For more information about Ashalyn, click here.

To learn how you can create your own divining rods and “program” them, I found two sites that fascinated me. Click here to see a video by Lucy Baker. The other is, Brian Stark and you can watch his video here.