NEW Upachaya Recipe Book Now Available

New Upachaya Recipe Book

Upachaya Recipe Book

Upachaya Recipe Book Now Available

After repeated requests from guests of Upachaya as well as friends, I decided to update my Upachaya Recipe book with all sorts of new and delectable recipes. Here at Upachaya whether you are coming for a water excursion from other resorts, or the cruise ships, or staying here at Upachaya Eco-Lodge & Wellness Resort, we cater to your dietary needs.

The last thing you want to worry about on vacation is where you are going to eat if you have dietary concerns. We take that worry out of the equation so you can have a stress free time with regard to your daily beverage and food consumption. Often times people have come to us stating food allergies, or they are gluten intolerant, grain-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, on a FODMAP diet, and more. The recipes in this book address many of those needs. Look carefully and you will find a nice variety.

The recipes in this book are not entirely new. I simply added on to my previous book and added those recipes that have specifically been requested by guests. In my first edition I had 24 food recipes under the categories of Beverages; Breakfast; and Soups, Salads & Appetizers. In this new book, I’ve added three additional categories to include Pickles & More; Bars, Breads & Desserts; and Entrees. Food recipes have more than doubled to 57 in total. In addition, this book still includes chapters on Natural Beauty; Healthy Remedies; and Healing Plants.  In the Natural Beauty chapter I’ve also included my recipe for Sunscreen SPF 27.

This Sunscreen SPF 27 recipe is a tried and tested recipe used by many on the island over the past few years. At one point I was making this recipe and selling it in various locations on the island. But it just got to be too much and I couldn’t keep up with everything. So, now I choose to share this recipe with all of you. This particular recipe uses Zinc Oxide which is a mineral so it is all natural and good for all skin types including infants. It does not use nano-particles which means it isn’t harmful and will not penetrate the skin and be absorbed in the blood stream. This recipe is a UVA and UVB protectant and begins to protect the minute it is applied. There is no need to wait 20 minutes after application before sun exposure. It is also water resistant, however I do recommend you reapply after being in the water. I love this sunscreen because it is not harmful to our reef system. So, should you choose to make it, enjoy all of its benefits.

This book is only available via e-book. If you would like to purchase, send me an email at with “Purchase Recipe Book” in the subject of your email. Once I receive your request to purchase the book I will send you an invoice for the fee of $10.00. Once I receive your payment via PayPal, (you can use your credit card to purchase via PayPal and you do not need to set up an account) I will send you the link for you to download your copy of the book.

I know this is a bit discombobulated at the moment, and I apologize. I’m currently working on streamlining this process and hope to have it available soon. In the meantime, please use the aforementioned method to purchase.

I hope you find the information on Healing Remedies, and Healing Plants insightful and helpful in your everyday life. Enjoy the recipes, and if you have questions, or concerns regarding any of the information in my book, please don’t hesitate to let me know at