Pet Health and TVT

Pet Health and Sierce

Pet Health and Sierce

Sometimes pet health requires that we need to look at conventional medicine to cure the ills of our pets.  This is my beloved pup Sierce ready for some snorkeling.  Today I’m going to share specifically what has occurred this past week with Sierce and the impact that it has not only on me, and Sierce, but on my neighborhood as well.

Sierce has been bleeding from his genitals for about 2 weeks.  I spoke with a Veterinarian, described the symptoms, and he felt that my pup was suffering from crystals being passed in his urine.  He suggested a treatment of Vitamin C on a daily basis to acidify the urine and dissolve the crystals.  Although this may be a great recommendation for this problem, it isn’t Sierce’s problem.

On Wednesday, I opted to take Sierce to the Veterinarian that visits our island once a week.  We were very fortunate to have a contingent of Veterinarians on the island from World Vets this week.  I figured most everyone would be visiting the free clinic, so I figured it was a safe bet to visit Dr. Caulderon, our weekly visiting Vet, and not have to wait in line quite so long.  My bet paid off.

I shared with Dr. Caulderon the symptoms that Sierce had, and answered his questions regarding Sierce’s behaviors.  After his examination he concluded that Sierce was suffering from a cancerous tumor in his genitals.  As you can imagine this hit me like a ton of bricks and the first thing that came to mind is that I can’t live without my pup.  He has become quite a part of me and Upachaya.  I love my pup.

Dr. Caulderon further explained that this cancerous tumor is a venereal transmissible tumor.  In other words, it is a cancer that is actually contagious amongst dogs, and is transmitted either through intimate relations with a diseased dog, or it can also be transferred through sniffing or contact with the tumor, and we all know how dogs like to sniff!

In any case, it points out to me that there must be a dog in the neighborhood that is diseased and so now the real sleuthing begins.  There are many in my small neighborhood that have a dog, or two, or even three, and for the most part these pups are all roaming about and free to enjoy their surroundings.  This means they all have access to one another on a regular basis.  We now have to find out which dog(s) are diseased and have them treated, so we don’t keep these tumors popping up in perpetual motion.  This will be a challenge in more ways than one as pet health isn’t a priority for many.

The first challenge is to communicate with all of my neighbors about this problem and they all speak Spanish.  Fortunately I have staff that I can rely on to help translate the information that needs to be shared.  They all need to understand the importance of being proactive with their pet health, having their dogs diagnosed, and treated accordingly.

The second challenge is that many of these neighbors can barely afford to feed their dogs let alone pay for treatment of any sort.  So, I am going to be on the hunt to find a Veterinarian that is willing to volunteer their time to bring the supplies needed to this neighborhood to treat these dogs, and obviously also take the time to provide the treatment.  In exchange, I’m going to offer 2 weeks free B&B accommodations at Upachaya Eco-Lodge and Wellness Resort.  So, if you know of any Veterinarians, or Vet Techs that would be qualified to provide this type of treatment and eager to have a holiday on a tropical island, please pass the word.

In the meantime, I need to do a better job of keeping Sierce closer to home so he isn’t “playing” with the neighborhood gals!

Now back to the treatment.  Yes, I opted for Sierce to have the conventional treatment for this ailment.  He received an IV of chemotherapy and will be going back in 3 weeks for another treatment.  Once treated and taken off the table onto the floor, Sierce was as happy as ever wagging his tail and smiling.  Thank goodness he has such a great demeanor and outlook on life.  I’m told this treatment is 90% effective for curing this disease, so I’m moving forward with optimism that we have sidestepped a serious issue.  My hope is that we may be able to do the same for the other pups in this surrounding area.

For those of you that may have Veterinarians or Vet Techs that may be interested in helping improve pet health not only in my little neighborhood, but the larger population of dogs and cats on this island, please have them contact RRR (Roatan Renegade Rescue) on the island as they are actively pursuing bringing more qualified services to the island to serve our animal population.