Raw Food Continues

I’m thrilled that Honduras Tips has an article on Raw Food Lifestyle featuring Upachaya. Upachaya is the only option available on the island of Roatan currently offering retreats on Raw Food Living. If you are looking for retreats focused on altering your lifestyle, enhancing your life, and growing and improving body, mind, and spirit, check out our events.

Upachaya offers you the opportunity to experience a different type of vacation. One that will provide you the rest and relaxation you may be seeking, or provide you with adventures like kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, yoga, and more. Bottom line, it will be one of the more healthy ways of enjoying a vacation in the tropics.

If you don’t find a retreat that suits your needs, contact Barb at 011-504-3309-7615 or e-mail her at upachaya.roatan@gmail.com and find out what she has up her sleeves. It may be it just isn’t on the calendar as of yet. Or, if you have a group that would like to create your own retreat, let her know that as well as she would welcome the opportunity to customize a retreat for you.