Why Consider a Raw Food Lifestyle?

One of the hottest trends in lifestyle changes is moving to a raw foods diet. Why? Because getting back to basics, eating more closely at the source of food, provides an abundance of nutrition for the body, aids in elimination and detoxification, and can lead the individual down the path toward more optimum health.

Check out my blog for a brief introduction to raw foods. This was the topic of my radio show, Holistic Living with Barb just last month.

At Upachaya we understand this and provide guests a means to that end. Although we understand changing one’s lifestyle is not always easy. To make the transition a bit smoother sometimes it is best to jump in with both feet and “just do it”. With that in mind, Upachaya is now offering a Raw Foods Week long retreat that does just that.

We have two such retreats on our calendar. One is scheduled in November, and one in February. We encourage you to sign up early since we’ve received such a tremendous amount of interest in this retreat.

For more details about the retreat in November, click here, and for February click here. You can contact Barbara for additional questions, or to reserve your space. She can be contacted via e-mail at upachaya.roatan@gmail.com, or call 011-504-3309-7615