Yogatan January 2017

Mangrove Center

Rainy Sunday – Yogatan 2017

Yogatan January 2017

Yogatan was a very rainy day this time.  Mother Nature spared no expense in offering challenges with the weather which required us to adapt, and adjust our schedule.  But, like all good yogis, we learn to roll with the flow, and the weather did not hinder the excitement, or the enthusiasm of the day.

Adjustments were made to the schedule.  Christine Etches was unable to teach Paddleboard Yoga due to the high winds and white caps in the bay.  Had she tried, I fear all of our yogi would have been like sails in the wind, and ended up bound in the mangroves.

The tarp we had constructed over the dock to protect from rains in order to teach out there, were thrown about like sands in the wind.  There was no way we could have provided yoga classes on the dock with Mother Nature sharing her beauty and fury with us.

However, we prevailed.  With a few minor adjustments we moved classes into the lodge, and still were able to offer 7 classes instead of 9.  As stated all fellow yogi participants took it in stride and understood the weather was out of our control.

The day started off in the Mangrove Center sharing introductions with one another, and a warm-up sharing a variety of different types of handshakes.  We had many new faces to this Yogatan, which I’m very grateful.  Yogatan has developed a reputation of being a day of camaraderie, a sharing of body, mind and spirit.  Whether people have attended in the past, or not attended at all makes no difference.  The level of benefit achieved by all is simply based on how much, or how little each person contributes.  And, I will say I think all benefited greatly this past Sunday.

Vinyasa Flow

Michele White with Vinyasa Flow

After our warm-up and welcome session we broke into two classes.  Michele Rauter taught a dance flow class, and Barbara Wastart taught a Kundalini Yoga class focused on Awakening the 10 bodies.

Jill Wittry PiYo

Jill Wittry PiYo

From there Jill Wittry, a new instructor invited to this Yogatan shared her expertise leading a PiYo (Pilates Yoga) session, Michele White, another new instructor for Yogatan taught a Vinyasa Flow class, and Michele Rauter had a few ladies brave the cold water of the pool for an Aqua Yoga session.

Roselli, Rosario, Barb

Roselli, Rosario, Barb

Dish of pasta salad

Autumn Crunch Pasta Salad

After a hearty, healthy lunch of: sweet potato curry soup, Quinoa Asian salad, Autumn Pasta Salad, sundried hummus and chips, and a fruit bowl, people were ready for the second half of the day.

Our third session of classes was rounded out with Jill Wittry teaching Pelvic Stability, and Christine Etches teaching a class on Cleansing and Detox.

We ended our day with Barb Wastart leading us through a guided meditation reconnecting with our Spirit Guides.  A focus on Mother Gaia was also encouraged given the state our planet is in in these days, and the collective assistance we could provide with the culmination of energy generated through this meditation.  A call to increase our vibration as we continue to evolve collectively as humanity living this earthy experience.

Yogatan has evolved over the years beginning back in 2011 as “A Taste of Yoga”.  Since then we have had a number of different instructors, a host of different teaching styles and introducing students to a variety of different kinds of yoga.  We’ve had yogic lectures, Tibetan singing bowls, and so much more.  It is fun to watch as we continue this evolution, and continue to grow Yogatan on this beautiful island of Roatan.