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Roatan Snorkel Excursions

Sting Ray



Upachaya Roatan Snorkel Excursions lets you enter the world of the vibrant Mesoamerican Reef. This snorkel tour is the perfect day trip to explore the beautiful under water terrain and witness spectacular marine life first hand away from the crowds. Roatan is said to be one of the best snorkeling locations in the whole world! Don’t miss out on all the beauty there is to be seen.

Beginning your journey at the Upachaya dock in Man O’War Harbor you will be surrounded by a peaceful jungle landscape. When in the water you will be guided by your tour captain.  He may point out sting rays, lion fish, giant starfish, conch, parrot fish, octopus, and occasionally a turtle. After your excursion you will be treated to a fresh healthy meal including a cold beverage.

Roatan Snorkel Excursions

Green Moray Eel

Our Kayak and Pontoon Roatan snorkel tours are $78.00 per person. Enjoy our video to get a sense of what you can expect during your tour with Upachaya Eco-Lodge & Wellness Resort. For more details on cost, and more, see below.

Take a closer look at what each Roatan Snorkel Excursion has to offer. We have two snorkel options to choose from.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?  Let us introduce you to our sister property The Jolly Octopus on the Sandy Bay beach.  This water adventure bar, on the beach also offers a unique kayak and snorkel tour where you paddle past the Roatan Marine Institute and have the opportunity to watch the dolphins at play.  Then out to the reef for a fantastic snorkel experience.  Visit The Jolly Octopus website to learn more and to book a tour today.


Kayak Snorkel Excursion

Book It!If you are the more active type, this tour is for you! Paddle your kayak out of the bay and into the reef. On your way you will wind through mangrove channels and over lush sea grass beds. At the reef you will see many kinds of marine life, as well as bright coral formations.
Approx 4 1/2 hrs 



Pontoon Snorkel Excursion

Book It!Would you like to snorkel and see as much underwater as possible? Then the Pontoon Snorkel Excursion is the way to go. The pontoon boat captain will take you to your first snorkel location just outside the bay. Here the captain will accompany you as he guides you over the breath taking reef. He will point out various marine life. Next he will take you to your second location to see more wildlife. Who knows, it might be a good day for lion fish hunting!
Approx 4 1/2 hrs 


Snorkel Excursion Outline

Included with the Snorkel Excursion:

  • Transportation to and from the cruise ship terminals, resort*, or vacation rental.
  • Snorkel equipment: mask, snorkel, fins and snorkel vest. Kayak and backrest if taking the Kayak Snorkel Excursion.
  • A fresh meal includes beverage.
  • Day pass for Roatan Marine Park

Resorts located East of Mahogany Bay will be charged an additional transportation fee of $25.00.

Ability Level

You must be reasonably fit for this tour. The Snorkel Excursions require medium amount of physical effort which includes paddling, walking, climbing up/down stairs, and swimming.  You will not be able to participate in the excursion if you have a heart condition, extreme medical needs, or limit in mobility. Our tandem kayaks have a capacity of 425 pounds.  If you are traveling with someone else and your combined weight exceeds this total, you will require single kayaks.  Please make note of that on your reservation form.  Ages 6 and up are welcome on the kayak tour.  Ages 2 and up are welcome on the pontoon tour.

Environment and Safety

Upachaya works closely with the Roatan Marine Park to insure our tours are eco-friendly and support a healthy reef system. We use quality equipment and the staff is CPR and Water Rescue certified. Service and safety is upper most in our minds to provide our guests.  We ask all our guests to refrain from touching any of the marine life.  They are living, breathing entities and they deserve our respect.  Your finger oils could kill them, or you could get stung.  DO NOT TOUCH the marine life.


Tours are $78 per person. There is a $28/person deposit to hold your reservation. The balance is due upon arrival and payable in cash.  A portion of all our sales are donated to the Roatan Marine Park for the Marine Park day pass which helps support ongoing efforts to insure our reef system grows and stays healthy.

Cancellation Policy

If your cruise ship changes course and does not dock in Roatan, or if Management at Upachaya cancels the tour for any reason you will be refunded your deposit minus a small handling fee.   A minimum of 2 people are required for our tours.  If the minimum is not met you will be notified the week prior to your arrival on the island.  You will receive a refund of your deposit if minimums are not met.  If you are a no show, your deposit is nonrefundable.  If there is a medical situation which requires your cancellation, we ask for a Doctor’s letter prior to releasing your deposit.

How Long is the Excursion

The excursion is approximately 4 1/2 hours from the time we pick you up until your departure.  Cruise ship guests will be returned to your ship well before its departure.

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